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Welcome to the WALLSTREETBEAR Forum Bond and Treasury Bill Links

Here you can find some of the best links to Bond and Treasury Bill data and opinion. Any bond issued to a borrower is fully capable of going to zero when the borrower cannot pay anymore -- and borrowers usually have a hard time paying in a recession...or a depression. Bonds also serve as an indicator of short and long term market moves.

Here's a snippet from our board: "BEGBX is 100% government bonds in strong currencies. GIM is a closed end fund trading at 7% discount and paying 6% interest. Notice how GIM sometimes spikes down. Put in open orders under the market to catch any spike down in GIM. FAX is Asian mostly Australian bonds. Wait for a pullback in $A to buy it. Put in open orders under the market.

"AWF is B rated government bonds paying in $US. It pays almost 10% interest. Great for an IRA. When $US weakens it will be easy for Russia, Brazil and Mexico to pay on these bonds therefore the default risk will evaporate and they will be like US Treasuries. In this envoronment AWF will explode and in the meantime you get 10% (tax free in an IRA)."

As my boys would say, "Kewwwl!"

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